Still waiting…


One more day without you being by my side.
People say love is something that heals the wounds which are not seen by naked eye, it’s something makes a person feel alive, it’s also something which revives a dead person. They even  say that when you see the person you love you forget about the people around and when they sit besides you, you feel like some butterflies flying around your belly and you smile like a complete idiot but that smile happens to be the world’s beautiful smile ever seen.
Is that true?
Because what I feel is, A mild and cold wind blowing by one side touches my cheeks and leaves nothing but a strange idiotic smile on my face.
It felt like that for quite sometime but then there was a guy in your life. A guy you always thought about, A guy you always wanted to fit in the incomplete part of your life. Days past and i was back there waiting for you at the same spot but you never showed up. And when you did you only wanted to talk about that guy for hours or in other ways almost all the time while we were  together. Even when we had a walk, you speak about the time you spent with him and listening to your talk with the prettiest smile on your face makes me hard to walk, it feels like every step i take with you drags me away from you.
Strange!! Isn’t it?
Also every step I took hurt me more like a thorn passing through the feet. And the worst part is you don’t even notice any of it because you are so busy with the memories you had with him.
I wonder if you remember the memories we had.!!!

Don’t worry baby, those are the words that bleed, the memories remains untouched.


‘Fasting’ – belief or compulsion ?


As per the quote “people who fast pleases GOD even more than people who just pray” or “people who are close to god” or any other similar meaning related and connected to god

correct ?


The most awaited month(Ramzan) has arrived. People fast the whole day and pray to their allah in the evening at a particular time and completes their fast(Roza) by eating delicious fruits, yummy !! AHHA..!! home made recipes, Mouth watering dishes…yuummmm!! and the whole place is decorated with lights brings the place back to life and variety of clothes available to shop and..uhhh.. okay, getting back to the topic. They purposely don’t eat whole day just to show their dedication,respect and faith. Not only Muslims even Hindus fast at some particular day and show their faith towards god. And they think he is going to help them, look after them and people with different demands and needs. If Fasting brings the solution and takes away all our problems, make us rich and stuff then the poor people who don’t get to eat whole day and their night instead of places decorated with lights are as similar as nightmares . They pray to god but they are not rewarded with food in the evening, they are not rewarded with delicious food. Why so ?

Even they are fasting, Infact our fast is nothing as compared to theirs, So why they are not rewarded with anything ? and why do people think that keeping fast can bring a change in their life ? why is fasting compulsory for them ?