Not me, first you!

Ego, such a small word yet makes a big difference in our lives. Ego hides a real person and shows off a disguised attitude.
Do you think Ego may spoil relationships? Yes, they deteriorate it. The moment your ego comes in your way, you tend to lose people, irrespective to emotions related to them. This usually happens when a person lacks the initiative to take a step towards working out a relationship. They fail to understand that their ego is going to ruin everything including the times of their ups and downs in life.
Ego is like a street traffic; it forces you to think about the other way around to reach your desired destination. Value people and relationships; don’t let your ego ruin it. It should be limited to your self-respect, the moment it goes beyond, you become arrogant and it’s often said that “arrogance destroys you”.

When your ego is alive, the person within you is as good as dead. The day you destroy your ego, you’re heading towards a happy life.

“Remember, a three-letter word EGO can destroy a twelve-letter term called RELATIONSHIP.”




There are wounds which you can see bleed, which leaves a mark to make sure you don’t forget about that tragedy. They are very much painful but not more than the wounds which are not seen but felt by the only person who’s hurt.

There might be a chance that the person who cares for you the most, loves you till infinity and feels the same pain that you are going through. But, what if you don’t want that person to feel anything for you, instead you want someone else to feel that way?

It hurts, doesn’t it?

Life teaches us a new lesson every day we just need to make sure that we understand those vibes. Let me ask you, is time the only medicine to heal those wounds?

You might say yes! But if you try sharing that pain with the person who cares for you the most or the person whom you want to care for you, might heal that pain. It makes much easier for the time to recover from that damage, which holds you down from everything you want to do.

Now it’s up to you whether you want to heal your wounds or want to wait for another storm to hit you.

Scars are the part of our life.
It’s boring to have a normal life
Every mistake we commit gives us a new experience
Don’t waste it..!!

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Still waiting…


One more day without you being by my side.

People say love is something that heals the wounds which are not seen by naked eye, it’s something that makes a person feel alive, it’s also something which revives a dead person too. They even say that when you see the person you love you forget about the people around and when they sit beside you, you feel like some butterflies flying around your belly and you smile like a complete idiot but that smile happens to be the world’s beautiful smile ever seen.

Is that true?

Because what I feel is, a mild gust of wind touching one of my cheeks which leaves nothing but a strange idiotic smile on my face.

It felt like that for quite some time now, but then there was this guy in your life. A guy you always kept thinking about, a guy you always wanted to fit in the incomplete part of your life. Days past and I was back there waiting for you at the same spot but you never showed up. But when you did, you only wanted to talk about that guy for hours or in other ways almost all the time while we were together. Even when we had a walk, you spoke about the time you spent with him and listening to your talk with the prettiest smile on your face made me hard to walk, it felt like every step I take with you drags me away from you.

Strange! Isn’t it?

Also every step I took hurt me more, like a thorn passing through the feet. And the worst part was you never noticed any of it because you were so busy with the memories you had with him.

I wonder if you remember the memories we had!


Don’t worry baby, those are the words that bleed, the memories remains untouched.