What will people say?

Every human being wishes to be accepted in the society but they are considered criminals in our Indian society. They are no different from us. They’re neither abnormal nor infected by some disease.

They didn’t choose to get bullied in schools and colleges, They didn’t choose a life where they can’t speak their heart out. Do you really think that they want such a life when in reality they don’t even know what puberty exactly means.

How do we know that we are attracted to opposite gender, did we even think about that for a moment? We need to understand that it’s not their choice, it’s in their hormones. It’s already so difficult for them, and we make it worse because there is nobody out there to listen to them. As a result, they prefer being behind the closed doors and don’t come out as who they really are, pride is out of the question. Where do you think they must be sharing their secrets, problems and emotions? Scary, isn’t it?

Instead, they decide to finish everything in the blink of an eye rather than to live as a burden to every single person around them, you know why? Kyuki “log kya kahenge?” (“What will people say?”)

They came, they saw, they loved But they couldn’t conquer!


Stick to what you say!

Why do we fall in love? Why do we even have to fall for it?

Why can’t we just love somebody unconditionally and rise in love instead of falling! I know that does not make any sense but…

Falling always hurts, yes it does! There must be something that makes our heart getting attracted to somebody. There has to be a reason because of which we give priority to a particular person out of billions in the whole lot world.

We love, we trust, we expect, we promise, we confess, we do everything to maintain a relationship. Aren’t these the basic requirements for any kind of a relationship we have?

Don’t say or promise things without thinking about it, it might affect people in many ways if you forget those promises. Anyways, all I have to say is…. 

Say it only if you mean it,

Not everybody is lucky to have it.

Make those words count!!

That feeling !!


Our heart beats as much as it wants, loud and clear if it wants, slow and un-noticed if it wants to. It doesn’t wait for the brain to give any command or follow as per the head wants it to when it comes to feelings.

But that innocent heart doesn’t know that the world is not the same as it wants it to be. It’s cruel enough to make it feel like it’s his fault that it beats for some people. Even the cut with a knife pains less than those marks and injuries caused by words.

It takes years to develop trust in someone but it requires only few moments of action to break that into pieces.

Any relationship in this world, whether it be a relation of a mother and a son, two soul mates or best buddies they all act like a thread; but when one betrays the other, one cheats on the other or the one hurts the other with that boneless weapon, it cuts that thread in two and when we try to join that thread again it leaves a knot and makes sure we remember that knot.

Don’t ever hurt the one who cares for you the most because you might lose the moon while counting those stars! It’s hard to believe that you don’t understand me after all these years. I won’t forget this time even if you apologize for a million times.

You broke me into pieces,
Still can’t believe it
Its hard to breathe
Im on my own now !!

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The TRUTH is……..

It’s been 4 years that I’ve discovered myself; a part of me which was hidden deep inside my gut and now it’s starting to explode. And it’s also been 4 years since I’ve discovered about who you really are. The vibes which surround me the moment you appear in a blink of an eye are wonderful. But you know what the best part is? I always think I’m over you, in fact, I don’t need you, but then again it’s you and your smile which takes me to the world that everyone wishes for, a place so amazing which bring a spark of hope and light in my world of darkness; and when you leave at the end of the day there is this pain without a wound, like a bang without a sound, like tears without water.

You have actually become that oxygen to my body which couldn’t survive without breathing. Those fights which were never supposed to happen are the only reason that I am alive today, as I keep telling my stupid heart that we are not meant to be together you are not the perfect one for me. You know what the scares me, is that if you found out how I feel for you, I’m afraid to lose you again.

It is not at all scary in the dark when you are beside me, but it kills me with horror when you are not around me.!!

I hear you !

Before I start with my blog. Let me ask you something, does misunderstanding acquire a place in our heart all by itself or we are the one who lets them corrupt our mind? Umm…! Leave, I bet nobody would be able to answer it honestly!

Anyways I know, I am the one who is responsible for that betrayal, I am the person who could not make you happy when you deserve all the happiness in your life, I have agreed to the fact that I don’t deserve something priceless like you! I have my own reasons to believe that. Nobody could change the fact not even my soul who is buried deep inside the grave of my heart which is trying to convince me that nothing wrong has happened yet! Stop right where you are.

Just one thing to say


I’m listening to the every beat your heart beats, you just need to say it so, just say it….