Tomorrow ?

​Tomorrow is unpredictable. Nobody knows actually what is going to happen next, do you ? Nah, i don’t think so.

Tomorrow can be the most beautiful, realistic, amazing, unbelievably awesome day of our life or maybe it could be the worst, horrible, unwanted day of our life.

Can we change our tomorrow ?

Or is it the day which remains unchanged no matter how hard you try to make it the better day of your life ?

Yes, that’s right, its all upto you. You make your tomorrow. You are the one responsible for the tomorrow you’ve been dreaming about.

We don’t even know who is going to stay with us till tomorrow or who is going to stab you from behind and leave you just because they don’t have anything interesting to do in their life.

And then, there is a tomorrow where you expect something from the most important person in your life and you are like “c’mon just say it, god damn it.”

But you be so naive that you forget about everything and you just want things to get back to normal.
Now it is all upto you to decide whether

You want your tomorrow to be as you want or you want others to make that decision for you.!