Not me, first you!

Ego, such a small word yet makes a big difference in our lives. Ego hides a real personality and shows off a disguised attitude.
 Do you think ego may spoil relationships? Yes, they deteriorate it. The moment ego comes in your way, you tend to lose people, emotions related to them and also relationships with them. This happens because a person then lacks initiative to take a step towards working out a relationship. They fail to understand that ego is going to ruin everything with a person who would be there during their ups and downs of life.
Ego is like a street traffic, it stops you from reaching your destination so use a diversion and move on to the right way. Value people and relationships, don’t let your ego ruin it.Ego should be limited to your self-respect, the moment it goes beyond, you become arrogant and It is often said that “arrogance might destroy you completely”.

When ego is alive, the good person within you is dead. Because you have nothing in your hand except ego. The day you destroy it, you’re heading towards a happy life.

So take away an obstacle of ego and have a different perspective towards the world, it is much beautiful without an ego.
“Remember, a three letter word EGO can destroy a twelve letter term called RELATIONSHIP.”