These two words are never meant to be spoken or to be thought of. Quit from what ?
Your life, Your existence, Your problems ? There might be lots of reasons for you to quit but atleast think about it this way, if you had to quit why would you be the one in that particular situation ? Ever thought of it ? Umm… I really don’t think so..!!

There are people who are unable to see this beautiful world but the darkness, and there are people who can’t hear the melodious tunes but the dead silence. So why do you think its just you bearing whole world’s problems ?

If you are living a life and reading this blog right now then thank god you don’t have major problems like I’ve mentioned above. You don’t need to live your life to impress people around you, you just have to live for people who matters to you the most. I’m not telling that you don’t face any difficulties in your life but every difficulty has its own unique solution. At times it might be tough to take decisions but c’mon face it, without those ups and downs our life would be simple and boring.

So if you ever plan to say
“I QUIT !”
Just take a deep breath and say
“Nah! Not today.”

Don’t let them say you are foolish,
Instead make them guilty to even think that you are foolish.


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