That feeling !!


Our heart beats as much as it wants, loud and clear if it wants, slow and un-noticed if it wants to. It doesn’t wait for the brain to give any command or follow as per the head wants it to when it comes to feelings.

But that innocent heart doesn’t know that the world is not the same as it wants it to be. It’s cruel enough to make it feel like it’s his fault that it beats for some people. Even the cut with a knife pains less than those marks and injuries caused by words.

It takes years to develop trust in someone but it requires only few moments of action to break that into pieces.

Any relationship in this world, whether it be a relation of a mother and a son, two soul mates or best buddies they all act like a thread; but when one betrays the other, one cheats on the other or the one hurts the other with that boneless weapon, it cuts that thread in two and when we try to join that thread again it leaves a knot and makes sure we remember that knot.

Don’t ever hurt the one who cares for you the most because you might lose the moon while counting those stars! It’s hard to believe that you don’t understand me after all these years. I won’t forget this time even if you apologize for a million times.

You broke me into pieces,
Still can’t believe it
Its hard to breathe
Im on my own now !!

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7 thoughts on “That feeling !!

  1. I love this!

    I’ve only been married to one man and vowed never to return to him. It’s like I slept with every “star” I met, yet he always waited, like the moon.

    After 22 years of me living my life and him waiting for what “might be” someday, I finally fell in love with him.

    A couple weeks ago, I flew out to Texas to share my heart with him and ask him to marry me.

    Three days later, we were married at the courthouse. I can’t wait to get back to him!!

    I’m in San Diego, preparing to move. I get to LOVE HIM WELL for the rest of my life!!!

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