The TRUTH is……..

Its been 4 years that i’ve discovered myself, a part of me which was hidden deep inside my gut and now its beginning to explode. And its also been 4 years since i’ve discovered for who you really are. The vibes which surround me the moment you appear in a blink of an eye. But you know what the best part is ? I always think i’m over you, i hunged up on you infact i don’t need you, but then its you and your smile which takes me to the world that everyone wishes for, a place so amazing which bring a spark of hope and light in my world of darkness. And When you leave at the end of the day there is this pain without a wound, like a bang without a sound, like tears without water.

You have actually become that oxygen to my body which couldn’t survive without breathing. Those fights which were never supposed to happen are the only reason that i am alive today as i keep telling my stupid heart that we are not meant to be together you are not the perfect one for me. The scariest part of all this is that if you found out how i feel for you, i’m afraid to loose you again.

It is not at all scary in the dark when you are besides me, but it kills me with horror when you are not around me.!!


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